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Germany Job Listing API

Germany Job Listing API, Powered by AI

Access Germany & EU job listing available instantly via our user-friendly API, designed for seamless integration with any system.

Germany Job listing API ready to integrate with any system and software

Live Job Listings

What we offer

Job Stream API

Access the latest Germany Job Listing on-demand with Job Stream API. Easily fits into your system and delivers pinpoint results through extensive filters.

BUSINESS & Developer friendly

Smart, powerful Job Listing APIs

Efficient Data extraction from several sources, aggregating data and making filters available across normalized data attributes to help you get only desired job listings from all sources with few clicks. Putting an end to manual work and saving you a lot of time spent digging through data.

Germany Job listing API Filters
Germany Job listing API usage
Fair Pricing

Clear Transparent Fair Billing

Every API call is logged, complete with credit usage details, for transparent billing and efficient integration. Plus, our pay-once model lets you access the same data record multiple times without additional costs.

Germany Job listing API for recruitment agencies
Expand your potentials

Expand Your Service Offering with Vacancy Matching Solutions!

Utilize advanced algorithms to match your candidates with suitable job vacancies for seamless placements.


Track Industry Trends

Stay informed about the latest industry trends, salary benchmarks, and hiring practices, to make informed decisions and stay competitive in talent acquisition.

Germany Job listing API for ATS lead generation
Germany Job listing API for Job Boards

Boost User Satisfaction and Conversion Rates with our Job Stream API

Deliver the most accurate and timely job listings, increasing user satisfaction and application rates.


Simple, Powerful API

Skip the hassle of manual job listing collection. Job Stream API is a simple yet powerful tool that boosts your team's efficiency and results.

Job Listing API Data Points

55+ Job Listing Attributes

Simply put, every job listing attribute you might need is indexed and made available

Job Listing API Data Sources

20+ Sources

Our ever growing list of sources ensures you are up to date with all current active job listings

Job Listing API Enables Integrations

Simple Integration

A very simple well documented API that is a pleasure to work with for your developers and integration team

Job Listing API Payment Model

Pay Once

For every record you are charged once across your account users and regardless of delivery method

Job Listing API Date Delivery

On demand data & Drip Delivery

You can choose to call data on demand or get data delivered with our Feed API to you webhooks and Integrations

Job Listing API Support

Support available 24/7

Enjoy round-the-clock support, from initial integration to ongoing assistance, all year long.

Job Stream API has supercharged Green Way's candidate placements in Germany. It's efficient, precise, and has fueled our company's growth by freeing up employee time and improving targeting.

Mrs. Amira Ellouze
Green Way, Managing Partner
Job Listing API Case Study Green Way

Seamlessly Integrate Job Stream API into Your Platform!

Harness the power of real-time job listings for your business


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Top Questions About ByteBricks Job Listing API, Answered

It’s a tool that gives you instant access to current EU job listings, saving you the time and effort of manual data collection.
Absolutely, Our API is developer-friendly with clear documentation, making integration a breeze.
We offer 55+ different attributes for each job listing to meet your specific needs.
We pull from 20+ ever-growing sources to keep you updated with the latest job listings.
No. We have a pay-once model. You’re charged once per record, regardless of how many times you access it.
You have two options: On-demand data calls or drip delivery to your webhooks and integrations via our Feed API.
Yes, our API provides the most current listings from multiple sources to ensure accuracy.
Yes, our API allows you to filter job listings based on extensive criteria to get exactly what you need.
Job Listing API Payment Model

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Clear laid out plans for every use case, and you can easily request your own plan for data you need, so you pay only for what you need.

Job Listing API About ByteBricks

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With 10+ years in the recruitment field ByteBricks founders have a special understanding of the job market and the value of data.

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